Meet Your 2006 Kentucky Freshmen --- Jodie Meeks

Matt Jones06/21/06


Article written by:Matt Jones

Continuing in our series of meeting the new breed of Kentucky Wildcats, we bring you the other half of the incoming backcourt, Jodie Meeks. Jodie is a guard who is already in Lexington via Norcross, Georgia where he had one of the best senior seasons in recent memory this past year. Meeks was named Georgia player of the year and helped his team win a state title. In the process he went from a lower rated recruit that some thought Tubby “found” (even though Florida wanted him as well) to a nationally known quantity.

As for Meeks’ myspace site, it is a little bit bare. Nevertheless, we learn on the site that Meeks is currently in a relationship as he begins his career at Kentucky. Now it is generally my opinion that relationships from high school always end in college. When a person goes to a school and realizes that the dating pool at his high school was not the totality of women on this planet, the “love” usually fades quickly. If that is true of the normal student, just imagine what is the case with a UK basketball player…. I dont know who is Jodie’s girl, but I hope she isnt too emotionally invested….its a long road ahead.

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