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Meet Your New Kentucky Basketball Players

by:Matt Jones06/19/06
Four new players are about to join the traveling circus that is Kentucky basketball this fall. And chances are you may have heard of the guys, but how much do you really know about them? Well its time to meet them, via the most preferred method that I can figure out, myspace. First up, the guy they call D-Jasp, Derrick Jasper. You likely know that D-Jas is from California, is a point guard and will likely be key to helping the Cats in the backcourt. You may even know that Jasper is a great passer, is strong defensively and is tall for his position. But do you know that he is into that "Dipset-Killa Cam"? Or do you even know what that is? He likes movies ranging from Scarface to The Color Purple to Meet the Parents 2 (not yet surpassing however the greatest movie pick which was Brandon Wright's statement that his favorite movie was "Bad Boys 2"). Do you know that Catcher in the Rye is one of Jasper's favorite books. One hopes is offensive skills are not as reclusive as JD Salinger next season. D-Jas's myspace page is here and shows that he truly seems like a good kid. I am not sure what the song is that is playing, but it seems Smooth, which means he will fit in with Ramel Bradley when he gets to Lexington. I am excited about Jasper and all the freshman, but the page shows me that Jasper is a popular guy with the ladies....a quality that will only increase exponentially when he gets to Lexington. Aww to be young and good at basketball....

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