Memphis Open Game Thread....and ESPN RADIO SHOW TONIGHT!!!!

Memphis Open Game Thread....and ESPN RADIO SHOW TONIGHT!!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Well in the category of bad luck, our ESPN Radio show on 1570 AM in Louisville will be on tonight from 5-7 pm.....conveniently during the Kentucky-Memphis game. (I am sure Patrick Sparks and his tire shooting will be happy.....thanks to (which doesnt want to Fire Tubby by the way). So here is what we ask our fans....we will be in studio with internet access, but not television access to the game. If you like the site and the show, CALL 1-800-510 ESPN during the game and let us know how it is going and your thoughts on the Cats. We would LOVE TO HAVE THESE CALLS as it will provide most of the material for the show. So please let us hear from you, wherever you are in the country. And of course, the show will be up on the net tomorrow so you can hear yourself. So why not, watch the game and listen (or call) us in the background. Then we all win!!!! And in the meantime, discuss the Memphis game with our man Elliot Perry, one of my favorite Tigers of the past. I dont have good feelings about this unfortunately. I think the Cats come out flat and lose by 8.....70-62. I hope I am wrong and want to be proven incorrect. We shall see. Your thoughts and use the thread to talk during the rare afternoon weekday game......

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