Miami will be very bright on Saturday

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


  miamioh1 (1) Miami may be a big underdog on Saturday, but at least they'll be bright. Check out Miami's new uniforms (by adidas), which they debuted against Marshall last week. It turns out that 70 out of 126 D-1 football teams are wearing new uniforms this year, which is almost as ridiculous as this helmet: miamiohhelmet2 One side note from Saturday: the last question Mark Stoops was asked after the game may have been the worst postgame presser question in history. A reporter (I didn't see who) asked him what he thought of Western's chrome helmets. Stoops response wasn't exactly stellar considering the situation:
“I liked ‘em. I told one of their players during the pregame warm-up. I said, ‘Are those new? I like those.’ They looked good.”
If it were me, I would have said "Who cares about the helmets, I'm more worried about the piss-poor play on the field," but whatever. For those of you itching for new unis with fresh chrome domes next season, maybe you're in luck.

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