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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rob_bromley_lg.jpeg The festivities are about to begin here in Rupp Arena as we get ready for a tradition unlike any other....the Masters on CBS...er, actually Midnight (I will never call you Big Blue) Madness. Throughout the night I will be updating the activities, including what is going on behind the scenes for those of you who cannot be here or see it on television. So keep checking in.....this one is in honor of our man Rob B.... 10:53 PM Well the night ends with sort of a whimper.....good debut for the new guys.....if there is an MVP on this kind of thing, Alex Legion probably got it. Coury and the Member looked good....Meeks is a star....but overall, a bit underwhelming.....I had this hyped quite a bit and once again production and general odd decisions lost the crowd....the place was hyped at the beginning but people actually were heading for the exits during the scrimmage....we must get an event planner. STill, it is exciting to start the new era and you can feel the Billy Clyde love....and we all learned a lesson for the future....no more Kristi Thomas.... 10:49 PM MOMENT OF THE NIGHT All the recruits marched out of the gym at the same time and the crowd gave a standing ovation to them (very smart)....and Chris Singleton pointed to the crowd that was chanting his name.....good sign. 10:46 pm A few loyalists tried to get a "Singleton" chant going....it fizzled....not quite the knowledge about these guys that we had last year. 10:43 pm My biggest rash judgment of the game so far is that the guys seem to feel much freer to fire up shots, which is good.....and the Coury flurry continues to show up strong.....Coury and the Member as the stars....who woulda thunk it? In other news, Tomlin had the line of the night when I said "Can you Say Big Black Member?" and he responded "Every night when I look in the mirror" 10:38 pm Big Black Member for MVP!!!!! 10:35 pm Did somebody say Big Black Member? 10:34 pm I can almost here the overanalysis of every play already beginning.....players are either terrible or great, overrated or improving based on one play....having said that, the Meeks catch of that lob was pretty sweet. 10:32 pm Two 8 minute running clock halves of basketball....well at least there is a big payoff. 10:28 pm Nice start to the Patrick Patterson career....bouncing the ball directly into his crotch....not a big deal though....Detlef Schrempf used to do the same thing 10:25 pm There is nothing worse than watching people miss in a dunk contest....it is a lonely feeling.....At this point I think I might prefer if Perry Stevenson just shoot some free throws..... 10:23 pm AJ Stewart is a mad leaper....that was a hell of a 360 dunk....not a bad one from P-Pat either.....I mean this is now Woo/Shagari, but we do what we can. 10:21 pm Patrick Patterson says the team he wants to beat the most is Florida....good call young man! The crowd loved that.....poor Jai.... 10:19 pm Everyone on the team so far has done better interviews than Kristi Thomas 10:17 pm The Intern summarized the first hour of this event with this quote “there was more excitement at Rupp for my graduation….and more celebs too 10:14 pm It is great to see Billy Clyde be emotional....he gets Kentucky basketball from a historical perspective.... 10:13 pm Now that was loud.....Billy Clyde bringin down the house!!!! 10:11 pm Odd that Jared Carter came into the arena with artichoke dip 10:09 pm There was an audible "who?" for four of the five walk-ons. 10:08 pm Ovations are loud....even for Matt Schnerbenske! 10:06 pm Random fireworks.... LOUD NOISES!!!! 10:04 pm Ramel ---- “You like Louisville….well we have beat them three years in a row, so I aint mad at you” 10:02 pm Ramel on the mic is good.....although he must have gone to the Dorks and Sciences building to interview these students 10:00 pm I am no fashion expert as anyone who has seen my hair or work attire can attest....but it seems to me that we consistently put our dance team in the ugliest outfits imaginable.....crushed velvet everywhere....sorry for the slow running of the site...11,000 hits in the last 30 minutes will do that.....another video....PLEASE START THE BASKETBALL 9:57 pm New video….Crawford and Patterson playing HORSE……now this is much better….ok, well not that much better….sure it’s a blatant Bird-Jordan rip off, but at least Kristi Thomas isn’t talking 9:54 pm Today has been mock turtleneck day at UK....Brooks, Billy Clyde and Scott Stricklin all sporting it today.....there must have been a sale at Dawhares.....more playful banter between Kristi and Kyle.....this must be stopped....why cant the FCC get involved? 9:50 pm Now here we go!!!! Bring out Rich Brooks to a standing ovation...this place wants to explode and now it did. Get em Grandpa Brooks!!!! "Lets Make Commonwealth Rock"..... 9:48 pm So far I have learned that a "Life of a Freshman" involves sweating, getting your tutor on and walking with your hat askew.....very informative. 9:46 pm Did I just hear booing? I think I just heard booing.....Freshman video has begun....AJ just said "I got to get this tutor in".....the sight of Patrick Patterson on the video screen got a huge cheer....as did Alex Legion.....folks are excited. 9:44 pm Poor Kristi Thomas....."Day in the Life of a Freshman" to begin on the billboards....and it seems to not be working.....things are smooth as silk so far tonight folks. I think the recruits may be playing Uno 9:43 pm Half-court shot for a truck.....I love these....and he was only ten feet short.....no truck for you! McDonalds in term gave him 4 free chicken McNuggets 9:42 pm Keenan Burton looks a little emaciated..... cropped4.jpeg 9:39 pm I never have high expectations for the beginning of these things, but this has been particularly underwhelming. Folks this isnt hard....bring some music act in, let former UK greats be interviewed by someone with some energy (for instance me or Coach Mitchell)....and then PLAY BASKETBALL....that is what the fans who never get to see these Cats want 9:37 pm Mitchell’s goals are low….. “the most special group in women’s basketball history”….that is quite a standard to hit 9:33 pm Offer people free t shirts and I swear they will act like it is gold……free t shirts truly are the opiates for the masses…..George W should go to Berkeley, speak to the most liberal group and then promise free t shirts….he would get a standing ovation 9:29 pm I like the new women’s coach….he is already infinitely better on the mic than everyone we have seen so far…I like his energy and his crowd reactions…..very good stuff. But if you are going to “shoot a lot of threes this year,” then you may need to hit a few…. 9:27 pm Oh god, Eddie Montgomery is on the screen and was so incoherent that no one even knew that he had just introduced the new women's coach....ouch. I like Montgomery Gentry's music and am glad they are from the state, but I dont think Eddie should be allowed to speak in public....and neither should Kristi Thomas. 3rd hottest girl is still kicking..... 9:25 pm I already dont like the new PA announcer. IS that bad? 9:24 pm Can we not make a movement to have me host this event next year with two of the Kentucky Sports Radio girls? 9:22 pm This is a two hour event....thats it! Can we not have actual live events rather than simply video taped productions? This thing can be so awesome, but the early events tonight are making me yearn for "All That" from last year.... 9:20 pm Ramel made sure to let me know that the "cold tub" in the practice facility is "real cold." I am happy about that. I like Sarah Elliott of the women's team.....she is just country enough to turn the word "film" into a three syllable word. This tour has lots of manufactured comedy that is truly painful....UK is a wonderful place, but whoever writes these "comedy bits" needs to be replaced....it is so bad that one has to think Jerry Tipton is somehow involved 9:16 pm Things are dragging a bit....Ramel and a random women's player are giving us a video tour of the Craft Center.....Ramel said this "Live every hot crib, this building has an elevator." Doesnt take too much to impress Smooth... 9:15 pm Dear lord.....dude had to hit a layup for 1,000 bucks and missed it....A LAYUP!!!!.....Kristi Thomas just announced with the excitement of the guy who called the Hindenburg crash that if you look under your seat, you could win a MCDONALDS GIFT CERTIFICATE WORTH 10 DOLLARS....way to splurge there McD's. 9:14 pm Student Trainer Tricia Madsack has an unfortunate name 9:12 pm The mascots just repelled from the ceiling.....I guess Owen Hart taught no one anything.... 9:10 pm Kenny Walker is here.....HOW DID THEY GET HIM? I mean Kenny would NEVER come to a UK event....he had to be booked up. I kid because I love Kenny. A pic in honor of one of my favorite guys..... 9:09 pm Am I the only one that wonders what would happen if the brain cells used for memorizing choreography were used for something productive? 9:07 pm Cheerleaders are performing....I hope I am not going to offend cheerleaders or their families here, but I just dont get it.....right now I am seeing lots of backflips and moves that would be in place at the US Olympic gymnastic competitions....that is great....but lets face it....most people judge cheerleaders by one quality....and we know what that it is.....and it aint who can run in place to "Die in Your Arms Tonight" 9:05 pm Poor Kristi Thomas....looks like they brought back the Kristi Thomas/Kyle Macy combo that was nominated for well nothing last season....but hey, second time is a charm. This playful banter between the two of them is seriously "Award Show awkward" 9:02 pm This continues to be my favorite people-watching event of the year at Rupp....different crowd....MUCH more enthusiasm.....many more kids....and the 3rd hottest girl ever.....if Rupp were like this for every game, the Cats would NEVER lose 8:58 pm The JV dance team seems to be performing the "American Pie" version of their routine....wrap it up ladies.... 8:54 pm The JV dance team was just brought out....besides being the perfect age to date the Turkey Hunter, how does one end up on the JV dance team.....do they have a tryout and these girls cant do the Soulja Boy.....I will say this, the JV dance team is more attractive than the actual dance team....so maybe they cant dance, but they can look good trying 8:50 pm Cameron really has gotten fat.....They just brought out UK's new mascot "Stitches"....let me just say that I HATE Stitches....it looks like a Pokemon character that had sex with Shagari...get rid of it now please.....in other news, these two women arent here, but I wish they were: photo_522733_9208_1393234_main.jpeg 8:46 pm Billy Clyde's initial pep rally being played over the big screen....3rd hottest girl waved at me....an old woman is wearing jeans that are way too tight and causing all the blue hairs to murmur.....such is the pregame for Midnight Madness 8:43 pm The festivities are about to kick off....you cant have a party without MC Kristi Thomas.....after a rousing performance last year, she was brought back. First event.....kids putting on uniforms that are too big for them and then running while the crowd oohs and ahhs.....one of the kids looks like he needs to pee 8:40 pm They stopped the music over the PA system in order to allow the band to play Journey....nice. Speaking of PA, a new PA announcer for Rupp tonight.....his debut performance......I promise to make a rash judgment and stick with it from now on....he better be good. 8:37 pm I walked backstage and had a dance team warmup sighting....always a highlight of a UK game....go backstage, there is stretching, there is giggling, there is.....well this is a family blog after all. 3rd hottest girl said she reads the blog....I dont believe her, but I was still won over 8:24 pm Chris Singleton sighting..... 8:22 pm Quick break....the 3rd hottest girl I have ever seen is just behind me. 8:20 pm As we kill time, a couple of reflections.....at Media Day everyone looked WAYYYYY happier than in the past.....maybe its a fresh start or the coeds at UK have been extra sweet, but there were many more smiles. There are also some really interesting personalities on the team....Coury flurry is a smart, reflective kid.....Legion could be this team's Bill Walton-esque political activist.....and AJ Stewart is the mischevious but loveable next door neighbor. And to those of you who have written me about the bar exam, thanks...I do appreciate it. 8:18 pm Alan Jackson "Dont Rock the Jukebox".....maybe our first winner! 8:12 PM Still no song post-1990.....as a matter of fact, I am convinced the most crunk song so far played has been "Move it On Over" by Hank Sr. The media is starting to assemble....apparently Kyle Macy is the new Martin Newton on the Big Blue Network....minus of course the nepotism. Rob Bromley however will still be there....thank God. Spoke to Cameron Mills....it becomes much harder to mock people after you know them....Cameron may be the nicest person ever.....but I still can make jokes about his weight. Pat Forde is here with his always perfect hair....and so is Jerry Tipton.....who is interviewing folks in the crowd about what they think of the news that Kelenna Azuibuike's dad is in jail. 7:38 PM We are finally here and ready to roll in Rupp. The atmosphere is well....nothing yet, because no one is here. But we expect it to be rocking here very soon. There is a movie-like quality to Rupp right now as the lights are dimmed, smoke is being pumped in the building and there are UK symbol lights shining on the court. As I speak the first smattering of fans are coming in here and taking their seats.....and music that is from the 70s is being played over the loudspeaker. Our long-standing debate of "will UK ever play a song after 1989 at a sporting event?" could be ended tonight.....stay tuned.

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