Missed Connections from the KSR Tour

John Dubyaabout 7 years


Aritcle written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
KSR-Tour-Pic   From Craigslist: Roses are red, your eyes are big blue and I'm just a white guy that's lookin' for you. m4w Seen you up at the mall this morning at the KSR Show. We were both wearing the same "Time for 9" t-shirt in different colors. You had the gray one, tell me what color mine was so I know it's you. You'll remember, we had a conversation about it. About halfway through the show you caught my eyes. I was staring at you with my mouth open. Sorry if this freaked you out. I have sinus issues and my mouth is open most of the time. Anyway, you said "hey, nice shirt." I was so dumbstruck by your glow that I don't even recall my response but I'm fairly certain it was something like, "hey, nice ass." I hope that's not what I said but I've been known to say it and you didn't talk to me after that so I'm just connecting the dots here. I'm not a pervert, I just got caught up in the heat. It was hot with passion in there, I know you felt it too. You had some visible sweat under your armpit and I dig that. You came with a man and some children, was that your family, or like your brother and his kids or something? We have the same sense of humor. I noticed we both laugh at Ryan but don't quite connect with the subtlety of Drew. I think I could make you laugh, if you like laughing. My uncle's boss has 4 lower level season tickets. I usually get to go to one game a year. You could come with me. We'd wear our matching Time for 9 tees, cheer our hearts out and talk about our dreams for 40-0. We'd share an ice cream cone, stand up the whole time and tell those old fogies to go home if they can't see, we're watchin a ballgame here! lol Then we'd giggle about it all the way back to my house where I could cook you some biscuits and gravy and we'll make love in my garage on my replica of Cawood's Court. I also got a trampoline out back if you need to bring your kids. I'd nudge you in the middle of the night and whisper something sweet in your ear like, "Poythress needs to start hitting that baseline J if he wants to keep Marcus Lee on the bench." This would be like our 4th or 5th date. Our first date could be something low key, like a hibachi and/or the Red Mile. Point is, I'm ready for 9, you're ready for 9, show me yours I'll show you mine.

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