Mitch Barnhart is not in favor of the SEC going to 9 league games

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Barnhart_refl File this one under news that shouldn't be surprising: Mitch Barnhart is not in favor of the SEC adding a league game to increase the conference schedule to nine. Since the SEC expanded to fourteen teams and the SEC Network has become a reality, it has been rumored that ESPN may urge the league to increase the number of conference games from eight to nine. For obvious reasons, Mitch told the Herald-Leader he is not a fan of that proposal:
"Nine (league) games is not something we favor. I do not think a nine-game schedule would serve Kentucky well." "History says it's very difficult for us to have the level of depth, the second, third, fourth lines of players, that some of the other schools in our league have just as a means of their in-state recruiting situations. When we have to play a long line of league games, it's a grind, our teams can get beaten up physically. It's better for us, for our players, when the schedule allows us to have some so-called breathers, so that our kids can sort of restore themselves physically in-season."
In related news, grass is green and people really don't like to spend a lot of time in shark-infested waters.

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