Monday's Football Press Conference Notes

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Aritcle written by:Rashawn FranklinRashawn Franklin
This was one of the funniest press conferences of the year. Towards the end of Phillips' interview, the lights cut off in the Wildcat Den, which Phillips thought was an assassination attempt. "I thought I was gone, man. Assassination or something. I've read [Martin Luther] King's book," Phillips said. His reaction is classic. Please take a look. **************************************** Taylor Wyndham's beard is awesome. So much so that the media asked him questions about it for literally twenty minutes straight. TWENTY MINUTES.... about a beard. There was minimal football talk from Wyndham, so I'll just give you the beard highlights. -Wyndham hasn't shaved since August 2nd, the first day of Kentucky's training camp. When it grew long enough to become noticeable, Coach Phillips started to referred to Wyndham as "Wilson" from the classic Tom Hanks' movie Castaway (pictured below).   -Wyndham's beard is inspired by Pittsburgh Steelers DE Brett Keiselwhich is understandable. Both are defensive linemen, both look like they live in mountains, and both resemble the original man. -The beard has made eating and drinking chores for the Senior DE. "I have to lift my mustache up to take a drink and all kinds of food gets stuck in there. I have to wipe by face every two seconds." -It's not surprising that Wyndham's mother hates the beard. "When I saw her on Saturday's Cat Walk her eyes got big and she said "Uh-oh." Even though Mom hates it, you would think girls would dig Wyndham's beard, but he says that's not the case at all. "No, they hate it too. Chicks hate it, Guys envy it." -Wyndham's plan is to cut the beard off on December 1st, right after the season and "No Shave November." KSR will definitely have to get one last picture of it before it is no more..

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