MoonTower Recap

MoonTower Recap

Josh Juckettabout 4 years


Article written by:Josh JuckettJosh Juckett


On Saturdy people filled up Masterson Station Park for the MoonTower Music festival and once again the show did not disappoint.  14 bands took the stage throughout the 12+ hour show and though I wasn’t able to be there for the whole show, I still had another great time at MoonTower.  Here were the things I enjoyed the most: The Music Of course this would be number one on the list.  There technical difficulties littered throughout the performances which slowed some sets down and made some performances disjointed.  It’s disappointing when that happens and I’m not sure if it’s the fault of the performers, the show’s setup, or just plain bad luck.  In any case, when the bands were able to play they typically made the most of it and I enjoyed kicking back and just listening to music. The Crowd The MoonTower crowd is full of a lot of different characters.  There aren’t many places that can bring such a diverse group of people together in one place where everybody is getting along.  Once again there was an array of hula hoop shows, giant Jenga, and even some Zorb balls.  My favorite part of the crowd though were all the dogs.  With the weather being basically perfect, there were a lot more dogs this year than last and they seemed to really enjoy everything going on. Food My personal goal for these types of events is to try a new type of food from the local providers.  My choice this year was Roll ‘N’ Smoke, where I had two barbecue egg rolls, one Carolina style and one Southwest style.  By the time I got there they were out of coleslaw which usually accompanies the Carolina style rolls, but even without that I was pretty impressed.  I’m not a food critic so I’ll save you my attempt to describe how perfectly palatable they were, but rest assured that I devoured those barbecue rolls in no time.  To top off my dining experience I went over to the Raising Cane’s tent and finished my evening with a solid three chicken finger meal.  For someone who lives two hours from the nearest Cane’s, this was a must.  Overall I enjoyed my dining experience, even if the prices were a little on the high end at most of the food trucks.  That part just comes with the territory though. The Setup The layout for the festival this year flowed really well.  They moved all the food trucks off to the side in the Food Pavilion area which freed up a lot of space for merchant tents, games, and general walking area.  The crowd area for the concerts was spaced out well and there was a cutoff point for chairs and tents so that crowds closer to the stages had freedom of movement to dance and jump around. Overall MoonTower was another great way to spend a Saturday in Lexington.  The weather was perfect, a lot of bands brought some great music, and I even bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in almost ten years.  Not a bad way to spend my last Saturday before football season.

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