More details on the Michael Porter story

More details on the Michael Porter story

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I'll be honest, this is not a subject I enjoy writing about. I'd much rather write about how awesome Nerlens Noel is or post a video of Kyle Wiltjer singing "Call Me Maybe" with Brian Long. But, as sad and disgusting as Porter's arrest is, it is news so let's just get it over with... More details from Michael Porter's arrest have surfaced, including his addiction to porn and the sting operation that took him down. According to The Herald-Leader, the Lexington police engaged in a "phone/text" sting operation with Porter to get information from him that would corroborate with what the girl told them in an interview. During the sting, Porter asked the girl to send a picture because he "deleted the old one" and he confirmed that the two engaged in oral sex in her bedroom. Porter was arrested the next day. Read more over at if you're interested. We're not going to dwell on this awful story over here. Ex-Wildcat Porter's arrest stems from a police sting, documents say

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