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Staving off a furious Blue Raider comeback, the Cats managed to ‘put it together when they had to’, and held on to win 94-54. Obviously, this was to be expected, but the effort was extremely promising. You can’t say enough about the freshman; they are absolutely fearless. Jodie Meeks poured in a fancy 17 points, to share top-scorer honors with Bobby Perry. Derrick Jasper also proved he’s not interested in sitting and learning this season, as he cut and dimed his was to 9 points and 7 crafty assists. Perry Stevenson is hungry, but he still played solid in tallying 3 blocks. Still, a ways to go before he’s able to pound it with the big boys. A dominating performance from Randolph Morris, displaying an easy feel when facing the basket. Flashes of brilliance from Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley, although they generally deferred the fireworks to the new faces. Yays: Meek’s stroke and slash, Jasper’s creativity and hop, Porter’s toughness, Morris’s establishment, Bradley’s dishing, first-half free throw shooting, Perry’s leadership, Crawford’s no-under-shirt, conditioning. Nays: Carter’s fundamentals, 2nd half FT’s, the sad look of only having 6 subs. It was a fun affair as any exhibition outta be. Compared to years past, Tubby looked down right giddy watching this team run, and you have to love his early trust in the freshman. Plenty more coverage to come, keep an eye out, or if your Stuart Scott, take an eye out. And Louisville is beginning to bring the pain…looks like we’ll have to drown in the slobber of Louisville fans until they lose to Rutgers…I know, they’ll win. But the SEC will still get the other title bid.

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