More UK Myspace Goodness

More UK Myspace Goodness

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
alexk3.jpeg Its been a little bit since we have explored the MySpace world here on Kentucky Sports Radio, and that truly is unfortunate. Because as we saw yesterday with Coach Jerrance, MySpace can tell us a lot about those who are in and around our wonderful programs. Take our man Alex Legion. Here is his introduction on his MySpace profile: I currently just graduated from Oak Hill closing that chapter in my life. I'm looking foreward to going to the University of Kentucky where i will be living for the next two years...Those that know me know what i'm about n that's getting to the league, so i advise all of you to tune in, including the ney sayers and watch me spit my flame on the college sence. Peace and God bless Now a lot of people may look at that negatively and think, "oh so I guess he doesnt want to be here very long." And while I understand that viewpoint, I dont really subscribe to it. The vast majority of college players likely believe the same thing and all he is doing is articulating that belief. And I never believe that one should be punished for articulating the truth. It is good to know however.....Alex sees UK as a temporary stop and the league as the ultimate destination. But then again, so did I.....and you see how that worked. rara.jpeg And there is our boy Ra-Smoove and his continued forays into the rap world. If you go to Ramel Bradley's MySpace, you will see that Ramel is still giving his raps to the world and freestylin for all of the internet to see. Actually, I am a big fan of Ramel's page because it shows what Ramel is about. There are some pictures of Ramel doing his thing and showin his confident side, but then there are also pictures with the fans and images that show that he loves being a part of Kentucky basketball. So do your thing Smooth....and whenever you get that first rap gig in Lexington, I am there.

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