More UK Treasures of eBay

More UK Treasures of eBay

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Kentucky just won their eighth national championship. With the rioting over and life settling back into normalcy what better way to relive the season than buying some worthless merchandise? As soon as that final buzzer sounded people all over the country got great big dollar signs in their eyes and began to produce some "quality" goods. Here are some of the worst examples of a quick cash-in I could find and should never be purchased by anyone.

Nike Elite University of Kentucky NCAA National Champion Socks - Extremely Rare!

Do you want everyone to know that you are a wildcat fan from head to toe? Well you can with these Nike Elite Socks which are surprisingly missing the Nike Logo. What does “GREATESS 34 SWAGG” mean anyway? These socks could have been yours for a paltry $57! A measly price for what I can only imagine are the only UK socks in existence.

Kentucky Wildcat 2012 National Champion limited print 20 x 24 inches

  The magic of Ebay is that anybody can sell anything. Seriously, you can sell just about anything! Do you have access to Photoshop? Then you also can charge $16 for this "limited print". I guess it is limited by the number of times the seller wants to press the print button. All fan art isn't bad though you could purchase this Wildcat barbequing a Jayhawk for only $14.99. My only problem with this is why did the artist go with a barbeque theme? The game was in New Orleans you gotta make a Cajun dish. Kentucky Wildcats Forest Face While this may not be National Championship related I still think it deserves inclusion on this list of bad merchandise. Are you sick of the neighbor's kids wondering into your yard? Or having friends drop by unwanted? Well if you purchase the $30 forest face everyone will be sure to leave you alone! I wondered where the market was for gnomes, but seriously who buys a Forest Face? Anthony Davis Poster/Rock With the prices of the Anthony Davis poster still hovering in the hundred dollar range you don't want to miss out on your chance to own the poster in rock form. They are only asking 30 bucks for this must have collectible. I'd pay that much just to own a Kentucky shaped rock. Just imagine how nice it would look propped up underneath of a Forest Face.      


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