Moses's coach to HL: 'Marshall is overrated'

Moses's coach to HL: 'Marshall is overrated'

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Well, this one is mind boggling to say the least. Terry Truax, who coaches Marshall Moses at Patterson Prep, spoke with the HL’s Jerry Tipton about the recent recruiting firestorm surrounding his player and UK. And well, all I can say is wow. “Marshall, right now, is very overrated.” “If I’m coaching Kentucky, I’d have to believe I could get better players,” said Terry Truax, who coaches Moses at Patterson Prep in Lenoir, N.C. “I wouldn’t worry if I was a Kentucky fan or supporter. Only time will tell, and I hope I’m wrong for the kid’s sake and Oklahoma State’s sake.” Gee, thanks coach. I don’t know if Truax is being paid-off by UK, trying to motivate his boy/team, or just that much of a straight shooter, but I’ve never really seen a coach so critical of a player right after they’ve signed with a successful D1 program. Strange indeed. Link: Truax talks with Tipton Matt Jones: Great find by the Intern here. Not good when a coach comes out and makes statements like these. I gotta disagree with the coach on his upside and athletic ability.....but the coach sees Marshall every day in practice, and thus it is obvious other issues affected his view on the kid. Wonder if the coach expressed these views to Tubby? Very interesting indeed.....

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