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MTV can now Rent a Car

by:Matt Jones08/01/06
Often times the most important and monumentous moments come not with a bang, but a whimper. Such was the case today when the alleged voice of people of my generation, MTV turned 25 years old with relatively little fan fare. The network has decided not to do a special on the anniversary and said instead that "our viewers prefer that we focus on the future, not the past." Well that is likely true, since the average viewer now is a 15 year old girl, but it shouldnt be like that. For many of us, MTV was a channel that we watched growing up. And many interesting things have happened over the years on the network. Today CNN compiled the Top 25 Moments in the History of MTV and I found the list very interesting. It mentions most of the biggies: "Video Killed the Radio Star", "Thriller", Beavis and Butthead, The Real World (and those early Real Worlds were great with Julie, Eric, KSR Radio's odd friend Jon Brennan, Dominic, Pedro, Puck and Pedro's peanut butter....) , Bill Clinton's Boxers or Briefs, The Osbournes, Madonna, etc. But I read the list and thought some stuff really got left out. I mean there is no mention on this list of Kurt Loder. All the older readers out there can go on and crow about Dick Clark, but the real ageless wonder is Kurt Loder who is STILL doing the news and trying to make me care about whether Ashlee Simpson is "expanding her sound." Also there is no mention of the two big kisses on the MTV Awards from Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie and Brittney and Madonna. Nothing about Headbangers Ball or the great "Remote Control". And even thought I didnt expect it, a nod to the greatest television show ever produced "MTV's 25 Lamest Videos" with Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, Chris Katan and (unfortunately) Janeane Garofolo would have been great. Nowadays MTV has no videos. And unless "The Hills" is on (and I blame you Mosley for making me watch it), you have a better chance of seeing Mel Gibson at temple eating matza on Yom Kippur than seeing me watch MTV. But it was a network that as a teenager and (especially) college student I followed. Whether it was debating whether Ruthie was an alcoholic, liking Carson Daly made you a dork (I say no) or Britney Spears was fat in one of her videos, it was the centerpiece to many great debates. Now, like vaudeville, that great tradition is gone. But Happy Birthday you stink, but you were once ok.

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