Talking Cousins with his New Agent

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
boog So Boogie is headed to the Draft. We knew it was coming, but it still kind of sucks a little bit doesnt it? Cousins has become somewhat of a legend in Lexington and until the time of his appearance on a KSR podcast (which will be epic), it is hard to imagine his stature can grow much more. But that is exactly what his new agent John Greig is hoping to have happen. I spoke with Greig today and he said a couple of interesting things worth sharing. While he gave the usual, "I am excited to work with Demarcus" type lines and he declined to get into how he and Cousins met (my guess is that they both share an affinity for the 1980s Atlanta Braves teams and played "name that 80s Brave while listening to Johnny Cash CDs...actually that was how MaconVolFan and I met). However he did give a vision for what he wanted to do for Cousins: I want people to know the real Demarcus Cousins. You know him because you spent time around him while he was in Lexington and the fans at Kentucky know him to some degree as well. But I want the national media and the NBA people to ge the story about Cousins correct. I want them to see that he is not Michael Beasley or Rasheed Wallace, but is Kevin Durant. Someone that will be great with the fans and great for the team. He doesnt drink, he doesnt smoke and he doesnt stay up late before games and people need to know that. I liked the "doesnt stay up late before games" because it sounded like something my mom would say as a reason to like a player. Greig however also wants UK fans to know how much Cousins appreciated them during his time in Lexington: Demarcus loved his experience in Kentucky. It was probably the first place he has ever been where he felt accepted for who he is. He loves the fans of Kentucky and he also loved the fact that the fans in Kentucky loved him. It was the first time a place really embraced him and I am sure he will never forget that. Greig believes that Cousins can be the number one pick in the Draft and that regardless of where he goes, he can be the Rookie of the Year in the NBA. But more to the point, he is just happy. I have been given a gift to get to work with Demarcus and I feel very lucky. The sky is the limit for him and I am just glad to be part of it. As everyone who reads this knows, we are huge Boogie fans. From the first time he took a picture smiling so as to "show KSR I dont frown all the time," we have liked Cousins and been a leading voice in promoting him. He asked us to pick a nickname for him and soon after, we helped promote Boogie to the world. I have found him to be one of the most engaging and entertaining players I have ever been around and from the introduction of his "Peter Parker swag" to his assertion that he was going to beat Cornell, because it was "basketball, not a spelling bee", the time around Cousins has been great. I personally wish him the best and promise that whatever team he ends up on after the Draft, they will soon thereafter a hooded sweatshirt order from Louisville in honor of our favorite KSR fan. Now we just gotta get that KSR podcast thing worked out. I know you are reading this...lets make it happen.

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