Name That Player!!!!

Name That Player!!!!

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One of the more fun things to do when new players arrive on the scene is to try and give them nicknames. I still remember the day that I came up with the name "Shaggy and Scooby Woo" for our two wonderful seven foot creations and patiently waited for it to take hold in Big Blue Nation.....well it never did. However with the growing success of this blog and show, the potential for our nicknames to take hold have grown. It was on this very site that I showed the striking resemblance of Mark Coury (benefactor of the "Coury Flurry") to Napoleon Dynamite....a resemblance then mentioned by the ubiquitous Martin Newton during the preseason. Well now that one name has been given, it is time for us to annoint another freshman nickname for the newest sensation....Perry Stevenson. Now for those of you that watched the Miami of Ohio game, Dave Baker, who took a break from his makeout session with Rush Limbaugh, decided to give Perry Stevenson one of the worst nicknames in the history of sports.....Pac Man. Now there are a million reasons why this is awful, two of which are that it is already taken by a felon defensive back and the fact that Pac Man eats pebbles in a video game from an era that is no longer cool....Dave Baker's. Luckily the universal reaction has been that Baker should go back into his hole (who would have thought we would long for Rob Bromley.....who is too busy attempting to call JUST ONE play right with his "huddle access) and let someone else give a name for my man Perry. There have been some suggestions on here that were decent, but a lot that leave something to be desired (not a huge fan of "Pogo" or "Swatzilla"). So here is the deal....everyone use the comments section to give your best case for a Stevenson nickname. Leave your name or message board name and I will take the best choices to Dave "Sean Hannity" Baker tomorrow night and give him the suggestion. This is your moment to shine....the more creative the better....and if you make me laugh, then even if Baker doesnt use it, it can be the "OFFICIAL" Stevenson name of the blog.....which may be more important anyway. Put your thinkin caps on.....

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