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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
While the stars of the NBA (and Andre Iguodala) get busy in London, the rest of the players back in the states are hammering out details for the upcoming season.  That's led to some good news and bad news for former Wildcats today, as Josh Harrellson and Daniel Orton both face new situations. First, Daniel Orton has struck a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to General Manager Sam Presti.  This has got to be a dream come true for the Oklahoma City native, as he gets to return home to play for one of the league's best teams (arguably the best in the West, which I've always wanted to say about myself but never could).  The Thunder sport a young, talented team, and have a ridiculous fanbase, so this seems to be a real windfall for Daniel Orton, who will be playing behind premier shot-blocker Serge Ibaka.  Maybe he can teach Orton how to block without goaltending.  Overall though, congratulations to Daniel; he's got to be excited. But as the NBA giveth, the NBA taketh away, as it's being reported that the Houston Rockets will likely waive inevitable fan-favorite Josh Harrellson on August 15th.  Because the Rockets have 16 players, and Jorts' contract is non-guaranteed until the 15th, they're likely to keep him until then as a tradable asset, and ultimately waive him should no deal get done.  Rockets fans already seem to be fairly upset, as they could already tell that he was a great backup center, and "good character" guy to boot.  There's no reason to think that Jorts won't find another team ready and willing to pick him up, though.  He made the most of his time with the Knicks, and has a reputation of being a strong inside-outside big man that plays for the team and not himself.  Hopefully the waiver doesn't happen, but regardless, best of luck to Josh.  We know we'll see him in the league somewhere, just not quite sure where yet.

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