NCAA enhances social networking security
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NCAA enhances social networking security

Drew Franklinalmost 11 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


This shouldn't surprise anyone (because UK fans are absolutely crazy) but the NCAA has received some not-so-friendly messages thanks to its recent rulings, specifically the Enes Kanter decision.   In fact, Kentucky fans have been so outspoken, the NCAA had to block users from writing on its Facebook wall.  Kentucky fans flooded the book of faces with so many Free Enesisms and words of disgust that the association had to ban EVERYONE from interacting with NCAA President Mark Emmert on his fan page.  (They should just be lucky he has any fans in the first place.)
Via phone and e-mail, blogs and social networks, Kentucky followers have been particularly outspoken, flooding Emmert's Facebook page with so much vitriol that the NCAA was compelled to block posts by outsiders. Without specifying the source or subject, Williams says he got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago warning, "You'd better check your car."
So let me get this straight, the NCAA blocks people from writing on Facebook but allows them to walk right through the front door of the NCAA headquarters and talk face-to-face with a spokesman? Works for me.

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