Need-to-Know Wednesday brings you gifts of venison and maize for Thanksgiving!

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Friends, As we all prepare to celebrate the belt-loosening that is Thanksgiving, I'm sure you're making plans with friends, or family, or family friends, or your friends & family plan. No matter what your race, creed, religious affiliation or favorite episode of Quincy, one thing we all have in common as Americans is this great holiday, whereupon it was decided that eating as much as possible was a great idea. As a respected journalist in the sports community, which I totally am, I took the last week contacting some of my friends in the industry -- and today share with you some of their family traditions. -------------- J.P. Losman, Quarterback, Buffalo Bills "I always love Thanksgiving. My sister and her family always come over and we stuff the turkey together. Then we sit down at our table, give thanks for the blessings of the past year, and enjoy a meal. Our schedules are pretty tight, so it's nice to have that time with one another." Rick Majerus, former College Basketball Coach "I like to sit down and enjoy a turkey fresh from the oven, a few plates of stuffing, cranberries, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes and creamed spinach, then finish it off with pumpkin pie. Oh, you asked what I do for Thanksgiving? I'm sorry, I thought you said breakfast this morning." Sidney Crosby, Center, Pittsburgh Penguins "I usually don't get much of a chance to enjoy the holiday because I'm often playing that's the game on the ice...right...with the sticks...wait, where are you going? Screw you for judging me!" Mia Hamm, former player, Women's National Soccer Team "There's nothing closer to my heart than Thanksgiving. Last year, we had both Nomar's and my family to the house to spend the holiday with us for the first time. Nomar blew out his elbow shaking my father's hand and later tore his rotator cuff carving the turkey. I kicked plates and silverware onto the table and we all enjoyed dinner. We are a ridiculously good-looking sports couple." Milton Bradley, Left Fielder, San Diego Padres "On Thanksgiving morning, I always get up and go down to the road near my house and yell at cars. Then I put on a "Thanksgiving Hat" I made of bubble wrap and eat a traditional holiday meal of Starburst Fruit Chews and Arizona Iced Tea. Sometimes my family stops by to ask if I want to join them, but when I answer the door in my monster mask, they usually back away. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday." Phil Jackson, Coach, Los Angeles Lakers "Thanksgiving is a special time at my house. My entire family comes over and we do the turkey, stuffing, all the traditional dishes. Then I light candles and make everyone recite the "blessing of the cat" to the prophet Zoroaster. Afterwards, we build the shrine of Om-to and wait for our minds to be re-energized. I haven't heard this year if my family's coming over or not." -------------- There ya go folks. No matter how you plan on spending your holiday, I hope it's a good one. From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving from the crew at Kentucky Sports Radio.

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