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Friends, I don't know about you guys, but I caught a really good game last night. That game was between the University of Kentucky Wildcats and the University of Florida Alligators, and it was a great one. We needed this. And by that, I don't just mean we needed a win. We needed to see our team look cohesive, and we needed to see new blood step up and look like they're ready to join the pantheon. Galloway, for instance, doing his "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore," routine. And if you weren't absolutely horrified with Patrick went down -- especially if you were watching at home, where could hear his groans and see the tears in his eyes -- then you might as well turn in your card right now and start rooting for someone else. I'd suggest Creighton. The Cats, to strike a comparison to another popular Tuesday night program, were in Room 3 last night, which means they're going on to the next round and their Idol career isn't over. Make no mistake, we dodged a bullet last night. It's been quite some time since we saw a season-hinging game of that magnitude for our Cats, and they pulled it off. It wasn't easy, and some of us got our arms stepped upon, but we did it. That said, let's get down to it, boppers. It's almost Valentine's Day. Which means it's time to suck it up and tell your love ones that they're special. Whether your affections lie toward your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or collection of Star Wars figures, everyone wants to know they're loved. And athletes are no exception. Although they're made of tough mettle, we sometimes don't get to see the softer sides of our greatest sports heros. As you may know, KSR this February is allowing, for the first time, personal messages for Valentine's Day -- and for a small fee, you'll be able to place a special personal ad for the special day. I've been so surprised at the turnout so far, and from so many high-profile figures, that I'd like to post a few of those now. Please to enjoy. THERE'S A RESIDUE AROUND MY HEART. May I please be your sponsor again? I'm sorry about the bong thing. Yours, MP. SAW YOU AT THE GAME. I asked you if you thought Liggins would play a lot tonight. I ordered a hot dog, you got nachos. You told me I was creepy. I like your earrings. Call me, but not after ten because I can't hear the phone in my basement. YOU'RE SO SPECIAL TO ME that love is oozing from my pores. Literally. Sorry about ruining your robe the other night. Be mine? Bruce. OLE MISS COACH. Please come back to bed. It happens to lots of guys. I think you're under a lot of stress. What happened tonight doesn't need to be a international incident. Love, Kimber. YOUR LOVE ENHANCES ME. And if you tell anyone, and I get in trouble for this, I will ruin you. Love, Alex. BABY COME BACK. You know I love you. I never meant to hurt you. Seriously. My wife just screams at the people on the radio all day. I need to get out of the house. Gottfried. JEANNINE. I can't hear what you're saying because my heart is beating so loudly. If your next question is if I love you, the answer is yes. Dr. Peppers at my house? ----------------- There ya go, folks. Love, KSR-style. Have a good one with you and yours, and I'll see you next week. In the meantime, here's a little something for those of you frowning upon the 14th -- and it's subtitled in espanol!

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