Neil Armstrong's Saturday Night Notes

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‎"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand." - Neil Armstrong. (photo via NASA) By now, you've all heard of the death of a great American and, more importantly, human being. I'll spare you most of the Wikipedia facts regarding this hero, but, the first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong passed away today at age 82. From his first spaceflight in 1965 with Gemini VIII to his final lunar-adventure with Apollo XI in 1969, Armstrong took leaps that mankind had previously thought impossible. This Ohio native and former Purdue Boilermaker had big dreams and a deep curiosity that led him to a fantastic life full of accomplishment -- and his endeavors inspired many to educate themselves and push forward towards their aspirations. Neil does have a fairly interesting Kentucky connection: In 1979, he had a bit of a mishap with his grain truck on his farm in Lebanon, OH. It's strange to imagine this space-age, legendary figure doing manual labor on a rural farm, but he did. Unfortunately, when Neil leapt off the back of his truck on that 1979 day, his wedding ring got caught. This freak accident left him with cuts and a missing finger tip -- but Neil was a trooper and didn't leave the area until he found the tip of his digit, which he promptly put it on ice. After he found it, his search for proper medical care led him to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, where microsurgeons re-attached two arteries and five veins, saving the entirety of the finger. One of the remedies the doctor ordered was for Neil to massage the mended finger, which many people apparently misunderstood as a nervous tic. [source] So much can be said about Neil Armstrong. Sometimes a picture can say more than a lowly blogger's words. Check out these cool photos I found of Neil: being rescued from sea after Gemini VIII (with shades on and all), hanging out in astronaut gear with Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, NASA class photo with style, and hard at work in black and white. Here's to Neil and all he gave to the world. Many condolences to his family and may his memory never be forgotten. Here's a video of one of the few 'positive' moments in history that people still remember where they were when it happened: Now on to the surprisingly busy evening's notes... - Tonight's basketball news is highlighted by this: 2013 5-star Aaron Gordon told ZagsBlog that he will take an official visit to Kentucky. Tonight, Gordon won co-MVP of the Elite 24 game tonight with Andrew Harrison and Julius Randle, complete with an in-game between the legs dunk. The 6'9 forward with also visit Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Kansas, and California (unofficial). - The hottest duo on the market are 2013's Harrison twins. A quote from Dave Telep points to Maryland being on the up and up with the Harrisons. What exactly does "closing the gap mean" and "making its move" mean? Probably not much, other than that Maryland has thrown their entire pitch as hard as they can at the twins because they know that's their only chance. Look for Calipari to step right in and make sure this recruitment ends well for Big Blue Nation. - Did you know that the Kansas basketball team actually thought they were better than the Wildcats going into the championship game? Did you also know that they lost to UK once before and then proceeded to lose again that evening? Yes, logic does defy some people but I guess it's necessary for athletes to keep their confidence high when competing. - I know this is the topic you've all been waiting for: boy bands from the grave. Kevin Richardson of N'Sync? the Backstreet Boys, a well known Lexingtonian, gave his ringing endorsement and let us know how excited he is for UK football. - Hey, did you hear about that UK water balloon fight? - Top-20 2013 basketball recruit Jermaine Lawrence lists UK in his top seven. Yawn. Not sure how hard UK is on this guy considering the other prospects Calipari is in on, but keep an eye out.   - Could we have a new football commit? Twitter rumors from Jimmy at BBK say that 6-4 tight end Darren Dowdell from Atlanta may have committed to the Cats. He also has offers from Louisville, Wake Forest, NC State, South Florida, Georgia Tech.  

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