New ad-free version of KSR app now available

Drew Franklinabout 4 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


We have made some new changes to our Kentucky Sports Radio mobile app with the addition of the new podcast feed and the option to sign up for a new ad-free version of KSR. For all of you podcast listeners out there, the app's podcast page is up to date with the new iHeart podcast feed that went live this week. In case you missed the news, we were forced out of the old feed and into a new one on Monday, so you'll need to subscribe to the new page if you haven't already. You can do that by clicking on the new KSR podcast feed on iTunes. The old feed will no longer carry any new KSR shows. Then we're excited to announce the new ad-free version of the KSR mobile app that many of you requested. Simply click 'MORE' at the bottom right corner of the app and from there you will see a link to "Remove the ads and still support KSR." That link will provide you the option to sign up for a monthly subscription service ($2.99/month) to wipe any and all ads from the application for a smoother ride through the pages of the KSR app. But to access either of the new features, you will need to update to the latest version of the KSR app on your mobile device. Go Cats.

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