Newest Bracketology: Cats vs Butler

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
The ladies of Delta Gamma at Butler welcome you.... So the newest bracketology is out from ESPN and it currently places the Cats as a 10 seed against Butler in the first round in Dayton. There is a LOT to like about such a bracket....the Cats get a game close enough to home that people can make the trip. Add in to that the fact that Michigan State is a beatable two seed and you have to like how that would set up. With only Kansas and Gonzaga on the other side of the fence, one could see such a bracket and envision a trip to the Final Eight. The Cats need 4 out of 6 and something like this can happen. We shall see.... Boise (6) GONZAGA (18-5) (11) Miami (FL) (14-9) (3) Kansas (20-5) (14) WEBER ST (16-8) / Big Sky Dayton (7) BUTLER (21-3) (10) Kentucky (18-7) (2) MICHIGAN ST (20-4) (15) ROBERT MORRIS (19-8) / Northeast

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