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Its been a long day here for the folks at Kentucky Sports Radio. Due to the situation with Jim Tirey and WLAP, we have had to find a new studio home and this has been a bit of a task. However we think we have remedied the situation and hope to be able to tape our newest show on Wed night. In the interim however, the blog has taken off and with posts like that of the Turkey Hunter, it promises to continue to make waves. I am not really a big hockey guy, however I am a huge fan of the Carolina Hurricanes, but like most red-blooded Americans, I like to watch a good hockey fight. The good folks over at have created a webpage devoted to the best hockey fights of the season. It is a good way to pass some time, if you find the Real World/Road Rules Challenge as played out as I do. Lots of talk that Freddy Adu may leave the US to play for the Ghana soccer team at next year's World Cup. This blog highlights why Adu should not pull a "Sgt Slaughter" and go against his new country. I dont know why this site fascinates me, but it does. An anonymous baseball scout has documented his travels around the country scouting high school baseball talent and has turned it to a very interesting and well-written blog. I am not sure why, but I do admit that it is fascinating if you are a baseball fan. Unlike most people over 80, I dont tend to read the obituaries on a regular basis. But when I was told about this obituary of a St. Louis Cardinals' fan who was apparently so against Ray King's existence that her last testament on Earth had to include the phrase, "she was glad to see Ray King get traded," well I could not resist. Finally, I am not a Bengals fan, but if I had the money, I would be interested in this EBAY auction. Former Bengals great Isaac Curtis is auctioning off an opportunity to have him watch a game with you and your friends and go get beer and snacks at halftime. The bidding is approaching 300 bucks, so you better get to collecting! Until next time.....

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