NFL: Mahomes signs extension worth over $400 million (Update: It's $450 million)

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Four hundred million sounds like a made up number that you should say in the Dr. Evil voice.

Four hundred million is also the amount in dollars the Kansas City Chiefs will pay Patrick Mahomes for the next decade. Plus a little more.

Mahomes signed a 10-year extension with his Super Bowl-winning franchise in Kansas City today, and though the specifics of the deal have not yet been released, it is being reported as AT LEAST $400,000,000. (I had to double check the zeroes because it’s not a real number I type out often.)

Mahomes had two more years on his current deal, so this keeps him as KC’s QB through the 2031 season. As for the money, the extension is the biggest deal in NFL history, and also eclipse’s Mike Trout’s contract for the richest contract across all American sports.

So I’ll ask you… Is Mahomes worth $400,000,000? Is anyone worth $400,000,000?


Adam Schefter is reporting Mahomes’ extension is for 10 years at $450,000,000.

So I’ll ask you… Is Mahomes worth $450,000,000? Is anyone worth $450,000,000?

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