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Nice job Ricky Bobby!!!

by:Matt Jones08/06/06
So I was worried walking into theatre on Friday. If it was bad, I surely would have had disappointment that reached, Jordan on the "Hills" when Heidi broke up with him, levels. During the early few moments, I was skeptical. But then came the first scene where Ricky Bobby is being interviewed on ESPN after a finish using his bizarre voice, talking about the handling of the car being good in Ferrell's George W Bush voice and I was hooked. Ricky Bobby was, in my opinion, very good. Not a grand slam, but a good solid two-run homer that made me laugh all the way through. Ferrell did his usual bang up job, providing absurdity and goofy faces. There were a surprising number of somewhat subtle funny lines (i love the kid calling his grandfather a "mangy, transient old man") and great secondary characters (Cal Naughton Jr could easily be a lot of people on message boards). To me however, the star of the show was Ali G playing the French driver. Whether it was reading Camus in his car, pronouncing Bobby's name ("YRicccie Bubby") or telling us about his plans to create currency for dogs and cats, he had me in every scene. Putting a gay, French driver in Nascar was golden and making one with Andy Richter as his boyfriend is inspired. Personally, I loved the movie. What did you folks think? A good effort made my weekend positive and I realized that like "Don Shula, that Asian guy who eats hot dogs and Rue McClanahan", Lukask Obrzut is a great champion and thus that is why Kentucky Sport Radio loves him.

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