No More TO!!!!

by:Matt Jones09/27/06
See that picture above. That is what I feel like when I see TO on my television. I thought I had absolutely, completely had it with TO and could not become more annoyed by his sight. And then today came. Let me just say first, I am glad TO is alive. We all need some TO on this Earth, because.....well, I am sure someone can think of a good reason. But he is the most overtalked about athlete that I can think of in a long time. Going into this season, I saw more video of TO on a training bicycle than appearances by "The Miz" on reality shows. And after every one, we were treated to speculation about "whether TO would be a distraction" to his new team. Well guess what. If there was a question about potential distractions, today answered that. Likely few thought that TO could screw things up more than he did with Donovan McNabb......but TO showed to never underestimate him. Just when you thought you knew all about TO, he came with the sneak "potential/fake suicide" routine. I admit to not seeing that one coming. But the only thing worse than seeing TO and his "publicist" (who apparently is terrible at her job) on television is seeing the pop psychologists like Michael Irvin, Mike Golic and Dan Lebatard channeling their inner DR. Phil to "diagnose" TO's problems. Look guys spare me. TO is an athlete who craves attention and thus coincidently also has low self esteen. What a shocker. Luckily however the "mystery" as to what happened means this will stay in the news for weeks. We will be treated to "sources" in the police department, tell-alls on Dateline NBC and Bill Parcells' head spontaneously exploding. All of which will make TO's image soften and his media status soar. Just what we need....

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