Nothing to watch tonight?

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


If you like football, but don't like to watch it played particularly well, or if the repeat of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition doesn't tug at your heartstrings the second time around, tune into the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl tonight. The game, which will be contested in a sparsely populated Superdome, pits the Troy Trojans against the Brett Favres of Southern Mississippi at 8:15 this evening. If you're like me and think there are too many ridiculous bowl games and the whole college football postseason kind of sucks, read this article by Phil Guidry of Sports Illustrated outlining why you and I are exactly right. I apologize for crushing the hopes of any little kid reading this who had dreams of growing up to play in the MagicJack St. Petersburg Bowl, which I think is held in Russia. If it's not it should be, at least for entertainment value. That's all, folks. Back to your Sunday.

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