Now he may Really be at the Wrong Track

Now he may Really be at the Wrong Track

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
michaelwaltrip384.jpeg With the Daytona 500 rapidly approaching, all of America's attention is (or at least should be) on our noble warriors traversing the concrete oval via the rigors of Daytona Beach. Of course we here at Kentucky Sports Radio are huge Nascar fans (well at least I am) and anxiously await the finest day in American Motorsports. However the finest day may not be so fine as we have learned today that Kentuckian Michael Waltrip's car had some foreign substance (likely slipped in by evil Bruce Pearl) and now his crew chief is suspended indefinitely and rumors persist that Mikey may be kicked out of the Great American Race. This is a sad day for all Kentuckians as Michael represents all that is great about our fair state. He has absurd hair, a goofy voice and is famous mostly for being DW's brother. Michael has been the "Y" for the occasional Kentucky basketball game and he and his brother often speak of the Wildcats in interviews. Our native son has now been tarnished, and we are unsure what to do. What is clear however is that we must support Mikey.....Kentucky needs him, Nascar needs him.....and yes the good folks at NAPA need him. Hang in there Mikey, and next time...dont get caught!

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