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Video (complete with annoying soundtrack) of Kentucky’s surprise get, Brandon Gaines.

For those unfortunate few that have to interact with Louisville fans on a semi-regular basis, you know the kind of hope that Charlie Strong has inspired.  Even while watching their basketball season circle the drain, UL fans have been able to take solace in the idea that Charlie Strong was taking care of business for little brother.  Then came signing day.

While Kentucky watched a surprise commitment come from Gaines, and celebrated Jerrel Preister and four star TE Alex Smith (a position Kentucky had a lot of trouble with last year,) Louisville was watching their class leave for sunnier pastures.  Louisville lost out on two huge recruits to better programs, but that wasn’t entirely unexpected.  It was when two of their best commitments (both four stars) decided to head elsewhere that the Cards began to reel.  Update: It looks like one of the Cards losses decided to stick it out and go to UL.  I guess the all you can eat hushpuppies at Joe’s Crab Shack was too good to pass up.

And then Tim Patterson put on a blue hat.

Despite what the Cardinal fans may try and tell you (and by all means, no one knew for sure where Tim was going,) it had to hurt to watch one of their last prospects not only spurn you, but spurn you for your rival.

So is Charlie Strong’s mojo gone?  Not likely.  Their class is still decent, and Strong supposedly can Coach, but his attempt to pull a Calipari and knock his first recruiting class out of the park failed to most extents.  Here’s to looking forward to the next beat down of the Filthy Cards, one that Tim Patterson started earlier today.

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