On to Starkville

by:Duncan Cavanah10/27/06
Dan Camp, honorable mayor of the city of Starville Many of you felt that I reached a new level of Kentucky football fandom two weeks ago when I purchased the internet broadcast of the LSU pasting, and watched the entire debacle in my office. (Whether this is a badge of fandom honor or the initial exhibit entered in my Petition for involuntary hospitalization remains up for debate.) However, I am cranking it up a notch this weekend. My father and I are leaving tonight to head for Starkville to see the epic matchup of the Cats and the Dogs. There is really nowhere like Starkville in the fall. Or maybe there are a few. Actually, now that I think about it, there are thousands of places like Starkville in the fall. In a word, and with apologies to Mayor Camp, crappy. Nonetheless, I will be there, and will provide a detailed account of all my travels. I'll also tell the Gameday Crew "hi." If I have a spare minute, I'll also see if I can run across the basement where Scotty Hopson's dog is currently being held at gunpoint.

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