, Many Rings to Rule Them All

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Earlier this year, our dearly departed (only in the blogosphere, folks) friend Matthew Hays wrote mentioned Coach Calipari's gracious treatment of his former coach at Clarion, Joe DeGregorio. Cal has been very generous with his actions towards both DeGregorio and his other former coach, Joe Sacco. The same writer mentioned in the old post, Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, tweeted some interesting info today -- Calipari gave former coach DeGregorio an NCAA championship ring as well. That's how you pay homage to your roots, my friends. You share your biggest accomplishments with them when you know they helped you get where you are today. I'm getting all sentimental and teary-eyed just thinking about how appreciated DeGregorio must feel sporting a piece of history given to him by a student of the game (Cal) who has chosen to never forget his mentors.

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