One Good Thing that CAN Happen on Selection Sunday

Matt Jonesover 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I am really a sucker for two things.....big time UK fans and ladies wearing UK gear. So with those enticements, I decided to help out Thomas Cofer, who is in a contest representing Kentucky for CBS Sports. He and Mindy (who seems to be quite cute and should feel free to call me whenever) in the picture are both huge UK fans and Thomas has this shout out for the fans: I am representing the University of Kentucky in a nation wide challenge sponsored by Coke Zero and CBS. This challenge is between 65 schools and a "Mad Major" who will represent each school. There will be a website that each school must fill with videos and photos that show student fans supporting the school. The four best web pages will chosen on Selection Sunday and a special will be done on each of them and their fans. I will be the team leader for our page, and am responsible for getting people to help me and making this the best page out there. Along with the national recognition and special on CBS, I would win tickets to the Final Four in Detroit where I would represent UK in other promotions. What I need help with is collecting videos and pictures of our fans being crazy at games, getting ready before the game, or celebrating after a game. In these videos I am not allowed to have any student athletes (members of the team) or the mascots. I am still not sure about cheerleaders and the dance team. I am also asking for ideas on some new cheers that we could do at the games that I can video tape for the website. Just any new ideas on stuff we can do at the games that will show we are the best fans out there!! People can email me ideas at [email protected], or add and message me on Facebook So there is the deal. If you are a crazy UK fan, send Thomas proof of your might end up on CBS in the process and help the Cats get a big win on Selection Sunday.

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