Patterson is a Wildcat

Patterson is a Wildcat

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
travis.jpeg We will have a longer report tonight, but a few things I found interesting about Patterson and the press conference..... (1) Patrick spoke about how even though Kentucky dropped when Tubby left, they were still on the radar because he wanted to give them a chance. Then Billy Clyde came in, won him over, and made Kentucky an equal contender yet again. You cant overestimate what a great job this is by Gillispie. Patrick's mother told me at the McDonalds Game that it was all but over for the Cats when Tubby left......and Billy Clyde made it happen....tremendous, tremendous job. (2) Probably Patrick was, all other things being equal, more interested in the Florida team than the UK program. However, UK used its advantage (its location close to his friends and family) and stayed close in the other components he cared about. If Florida was in Lexington, he might be a Gator.....but Patterson's commitment to his family and friends was huge. And dont underestimate the UK fanbase.....they were a key component in why Patrick liked the UK program. (3) Interesting comments about not "feeling" the guys on the Duke team.....not the first time I have heard that and it is part of an issue as to why Duke hasnt had quite the talent it had in past years. Duke was always 3rd (and at times 4th) in this race. (4) Finally, this news came about really in the last few days. Patrick spoke to some people at the end of last week and indicated that Florida was the favorite. Sources say he told UK recruits last night that he would be a Cat and stuck with that throughout the day. When I head the news yesterday afternoon that Kentucky was the likely choice, I was surprised....but the facts held true. This is a BIG day for UK. IT has been a long, long time since UK has beaten Duke for a recruit and taking out the two-time defending champs is also special. Enjoy it Cats fans (and thanks to Travis for the picture)

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