Paul Schaffer's Thursday News and Views
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Paul Schaffer's Thursday News and Views

Matt Jonesabout 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
afsfa For those that know me this isnt a secret, but for others it can be controversial. I like no one on television better than David Letterman. While Jon Stewart may be a bit more clever, Conan's skits are better and Colbert has better attitude, for my money no person makes me laugh more than David Letterman. He essentially invented the genre of late night sarcasm that has essentially overtaken the lamer Tonight Show brand of comedy on everything but the Tonight Show. For me, David is king. And if you like David, you like today's birthday honoree, his sidekick Paul Schaffer. Paul, who many forget got his start on Saturday Night Live, plays a great second fiddle to Dave by wearing ridiculous suits, odd glasses and occasionally throwing in a gem of a line himself. Paul always seems genuinely excited, no matter the musical guest. IF it is BB King he is happy....if it is Marty Stuart he smiles....I have even seen him seem almost giddy over Lifehouse. Being Paul is being happy and there is a lot to be said for that. So happy birthday Paul.....I would take you over Kevin Eubanks any day..... To the (abbreviated) news....... (1) Now that we are over 24 hours after the Stony Brook game, I am ready to move on. Unlike the Gardner Webb game, this has no lasting impact and will be quickly forgotten. Plus, it is time to prepare for UNC. It looks like Ty Lawson will play, which makes the Tar Heels SUBSTANTIALLY better. Tonight's game against Ohio State shows the team's balance and they really are weak at no position. I think Hansborough and Patterson is close to a wash, Bradley will do ok on Lawson and the wing positions, while favoring UNC, wont be too much of a rout. The key to the game then....can Perry Stevenson do anything with Deon Thompson. I am worried that Thompson has a Brandon Wright-like game this year and kills Kentucky with key baskets. I actually think this game will be much closer than many think, but either way it should be very interesting and telling on just where the Cats are on a national scale. (2) Tonight Andy Katz said that Meeks and Jasper would be back in a couple of weeks. I am not sure where he is getting this info and from what I have been told, it is not accurate. There is still hope that both young men play this year, but I dont think anyone is banking on either playing. The whispering that Jasper would be out all year started this summer and while some believe a January return is possible, one cant say it is certain. As for Meeks, literally no one knows but the depression grows every day. If I were a betting man, I think Meeks plays at some point and Jasper tries, but will struggle to be effective. But Katz's info is a bit off I believe. (3) You need to scroll down and read Bridwell's football recruiting post from yesterday. IT is unbelievable just how good the Cats have done this football season in getting guys in and getting commitments from top-ranked players. At this point, the Cats are getting players that are considering some great schools and the "others offered" lists are much more impressive than in years past. Whatever happens in the next couple of seasons, Rich Brooks and company have given Kentucky a talent base it has never had before. That is worthy of a great deal of praise. (4) It will likely be Kentucky vs Florida State in the Music City Bowl. That is the smart money. But more and more whispers are starting to develop about a Kentucky vs ACC Championship loser in the Chik Fil A Bowl. That would likely require a Tennessee win, thus bumping LSU to the Cotton Bowl and Arkansas to the Music City, but stranger things could happen. Dont buy a non-refundable Nashville room just yet (they are expensive by the way). (5) Andre Woodson, Jacob Tamme and Jeremy Jarmon made the All-SEC team....get ready for more of these awards in the coming weeks. More throughout the day.......

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