Poor man's SEC preview: Florida
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Poor man's SEC preview: Florida

John Dubyaabout 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya
http://www.timtebowforheisman.com/Jump%20pass.jpg Engage jumping mechanism State of the Program: Sh*tty. I mean, what do you think it is? So you're saying there's a chance: With the lab-engineered Tim Tebow now the full-time QB, head coach Urrrrrban Meyer has his prototype spread-option quarterback. Don't expect Tebow to average *7 yards a rush again this season, but make no mistake, he was uber-effective moving the football in spot time last season, even when everyone in the stadium knew he was going to run it. So. athlete extraordinairre Percy Harvin is one of the most elusive player's in the nation, and will figure predominitely as a RB and WR; you really don't know what the hell anyone's going to do in this offense of kook. As long as he's healthy, you've got a renaissance man capable of taking it to the hiz everytime he touches the ball. *stat is based on absolutely zero evidence nor even an attempt at research. Hey, what was all that one and a million talk: The defense that treated Heisman winner Troy Smith like a military father who discovers his son is artsy, has been almost completely depleted. Outside of Jr. DE Derrick Harvey, the Gator D lacks a proven All-SEC caliber player. There's plenty of young talent and even more speed, but they'll have to prove they can handle the physicality of this league, and if the Spring was any indication, the Gators have a legit concern. Schedule: The fact that Florida won it all with last year's slate is astounding, as this season they get UT, Auburn, UGA, and FSU in the Swamp. However, games at LSU, UK, and SC will certainly test the mettle of this young squad. Giving back to the community: OL Ronnie Wilson was suspended from school for one year after firing an AK-47 into the air in an attempt to scare a man he was scuffling with at a club. I would say that his tactic likely worked, as AK-47's tend to do that from time to time. This might be the WASP in me coming out, but where in the hell does one acquire an AK? The KGB? Taliban? My goodness, I remember a time when football players strictly carried pistols and knives. Those were the good ol' days however, and sadly, it looks like they're gone. In conclusion: People seem to be sleeping on Flordia a bit as a contender to repeat their SEC title (certainly the NCAA one) this season. Yes, that defense is gone, and so is Freak-a-Leak, but don't be so naieve as to think there's not an abundance of speed and athleticism on the roster capable of keeping the Gators atop the conference. The key is the Diesel-fueled Tebow. Outside of jumpshots, he didn't have to prove he could keep defenses guessing with his Government regulated arm, but you don't re-write the Florida prep record books if you can't throw it. The offense will still be lethal, but it's up to the young defense to step up if Florida wants get back to Atlanta. This clip has nothing to do with the football team per-sey, but it's time to shift our hatred into full gear:

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