Matthew Mitchell: "This this has been one of the greatest experiences of my coaching career."
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Matthew Mitchell: "This this has been one of the greatest experiences of my coaching career."

Article written by:Miss J.C. AusmusMiss J.C. Ausmus


[caption id="attachment_196986" align="alignnone" width="814"](H/T UK Athletics) (H/T UK Athletics)[/caption] In case you didn't know, the Kentucky women got upset by 7 seed Washington tonight, 85-72. Although it wasn't the ending to the season we would have wanted, keep in mind, Matthew Mitchell only had 8 players to work with the entire season. Coach Mitchell met with the media after the game, and reiterated how proud of the team he was. "Disappointing night for us. We would have loved to have done better. We had some opportunities in the game, and so you just don't ever want it to end. You want to win the last game, and that was our goal with this team. But I just have to tell you, this was one of the greatest experiences of my coaching career, working with this group of young women who really became a team. High-character people, came to practice every day and improved, and where we started on October 1st to what we've finished up tonight, the disappointment of this one game just cannot diminish how proud I am of our team. " On Epps and Thompson... "The first place where they showed toughness was having toughness to develop their character and develop as people. It's what's made the year so enjoyable is that we had a high-character group this year that really showed up every day and did their best. If they didn't, they would take direction and try to do better the next day. So they've both had a great year, and we wouldn't have been playing tonight if it hadn't been for their progress as people and leaders, so proud of both of them." On inability to make plays... "But I think we got in the game tonight where those kids just locked in and made some plays. Then we just kept getting the ball at the rim time after time after time. I mean, we got a ton more shots. We just kept working and battling, and the ball just would not go through the hoop for us so many times. The ones I was disappointed in were just we were uncharacteristically out of position defensively tonight and [Washington] took advantage of it and put their head down and drove the ball." On the physicality of the game... "We got the ball at the rim just countless times, and we needed to turn around there and make a two- or three-footer with somebody standing between us and the basket. But we were able to elevate up and they only blocked four shots. It wasn't like they were blocking shots. They were playing behind us. We were throwing the ball three feet from the basket and we just could not turn around and put the ball in the basket tonight." On tonight's crowd in Rupp... "We had a great crowd tonight I really appreciate people in Lexington showing up tonight. I would really be appreciate it if we could show up to the game on Sunday as a community to watch a really good game. [...] We are deeply appreciative for all the support." More coming soon.

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