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Post-game quotes....

by:Matt Jones12/17/05
Lots of good stuff from the locker room after the game. Here are the highlights: Lukask Obrzut: "When I came to America and this state, I realized that this was the biggest game. I wanted to give the fans a Christmas gift and help us win the biggest game." "It is great right now because I am living my dream. Playing well and helping my team is my dream." "It was so loud I thought the roof was going to blow off....but luckily it didnt." "When Padgett shot, he didnt even look at the basket. I dont know how people shoot without looking at the basket, but maybe he will teach me." "The Kentucky fans are great 6th players and I love to play for them. After I had four finals and a long week, their cheers made me feel very good." Sheray Thomas: "I was tired of people saying we had no inside game. I wanted to show them that they were dead wrong." "I wanted this game real bad. I am not from Kentucky, but I have gotten into the rivalry. I wanted this bad." Ramel Bradley: "This win feels good. We knew that we needed to protect our home court and that this game was big for the fans. So we wanted it in a huge way." "The defense was the difference in this game. Coach loves defense and we havent been playing it as well as we would like. Today we did." "Watching Joe make that dunk sent tingles up my spine. I have been wanting him to do something like that for so long." "Our big men were taking it right to their chest. They came for real tonight." Rajon Rondo: "Having Sparks play point at the beginning was helpful. It allowed me to look for my shot and not have to bring the ball up." "We knew coming in that they were the team to beat. So while there was pressure, we knew that no one was expecting a lot out of us." "No guard in the country can stop me off the dribble. That is just how I feel and when I play, I am intent on proving that." Tubby Smith: "This was our best performance of the season. Our fans were reved up and it was a great college atmosphere." "We made a conscious effort to attack the basket. Last game our five big guys drew no fouls. I am not sure if that has ever happened to one of my teams. We knew we had to change that." "Joe Crawford was outstanding. He gave an extraordinary effort and I am proud of him." "I am happy to win for Bill Keightley on his 89th birthday." (a joke about his age).

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