Presser Concludes; Gillispie Aces First Test

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gillispie.jpg Billy Gillispie has now been officially introduced as head basketball coach for the University of Kentucky. Our own mop-top Matthew Jones was in attendance (along with the Turkey Hunter) and was able to lob a question Billy G's way during the press conference. Matt will have more information, including an interview with Coach Gillispie and several players, when he gets back behind a computer, but for the time being wanted me to pass along one little nugget of information: Derrick Jasper is not transferring. Matt asked him directly and Jasper responded that he was happy at UK and that all the talk about his leaving was nothing more than rumor. More to come from Matt later... My thoughts are that Coach Gillispie hit a home run today. He said all the right things, showed the proper amount of respect for Kentucky's tradition, and overall, came across as congenial and genuinely excited about the opportunity. Matt will have more later, but for now, enjoy the warm feeling of Big Blue Happiness.

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