Previewing This Weekend In The SEC

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Vanderbilt @ Georgia

A couple weeks ago, before AJ Green decided to play like a man possessed, I would have said this game was a tossup that few would actually care about.  You will still be hard pressed to find anyone particularly interested in this game, but as macon_volfan put it, Georgia with Green is faaaaaaar better than Georgia without.  Seems like a pretty obvious statement considering his talents, but it even seems like the defense has been playing better the past two games.  Vanderbilt on the other hand, despite putting up 52 points last weekend, still doesn’t look like a legitimate threat.  Expect the Dogs to win big, and Greens jersey price to go up even more.

Arkansas @ Auburn

We were all witnesses to the man child that was Cam Newton last weekend, but we also saw the week defense of Auburn against an aggressive offense.  Fortunately for fans, Bobby Petrino isn’t known for his defense.  This looks to be an offense clinic.  Fortunately Auburn gets Arkansas at home, or else I would pick them to get their first loss of the season.  Instead, I think the scare in Commonwealth will give them enough to think about, and Cam Newton will guide his team to victory once again.

South Carolina @ Kentucky

I don’t know that I can do this game justice, after the write up Duncan provided earlier today, so I won’t try.  I suspect this is the game we find out what this Wildcat team is made of.  Do they crumble in the face of adversity, or make a game of it?  I’m betting on the latter.  Cobb doesn’t know how to crumble.

Mississippi State @ Florida

Well, with the news that former boyfriend Chris “time to die” Rainey was reinstated, I can only imagine that Miss State is officially terrified for their trip to Gainesville.  Urban Meyer tends not to lose, and when he does, it’s not usually three times in a row.  But honestly, I think Mississippi State has a legitimate shot at this game.  They have been playing pretty well, while Florida has been losing to the likes of Les Miles.  Still, being at the Swamp, and with Chris Rainey likely texting all the Dogs players threatening messages, the Gators probably win this one.

McNeese State @ LSU

I didn’t know McNeese State was a school before an hour ago.  Expect the Tigers to win on a last second pick six, and Les Miles to not give a **** what you think.

Ole Miss @ Alabama

An interesting statistic I heard the other day, Alabama has to face six teams in a row coming off a bye week.  This game is no different.  Still, give Ole Miss six weeks to prep for an Nick Saban team coming off a loss at home, and I don’t think they’d stand much of a chance.  Expect the Tide to Roll.

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