Quincy Miller and UK Done

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
miller Today on our radio show, we had Evan Daniels of Scout.com and he confirmed what had been rumored for some time, specfically that Quincy Miller and UK have essentially parted ways. Daniels said that the reason for this parting is half Anthony Davis and half the relationship that has been built between Brian Clifton and new UL Assistant Basketball Coach Tim Fuller. I will go even farther than Evan and say that when Brian Clifton (John Wall's former AAU coach) became a huge part of Miller's recruiting process, UK exited stage left. John Calipari and Brian Clifton dont like each other and Wall came to UK despite Clifton pushing him in another direction. The recruiting folks (both nationally and locally) cant say that because they dont want Clifton mad at them, but what do I care...he can get in line. Now Miller is likely leaning Louisville and Daniels said that he might even commit to the Cards on his visit this weekend. It would be Pitino's highest ranked commitment ever at Louisville and one of the bigger coups that he has pulled off while there, especially considering that we are just post-Sypher trial. And when UL friends brag about getting such a player, remind them that it took (a) UK taking a player ranked one place ahead of him and (b) the Cards hiring a "shoe" agent...something they used to criticize UK for (even though they had never actually done it) last year. A good get if it happens for UL...and the picture above can grace the Erruption Zone when he comes in a Cardinal uniform.

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