Quincy Pondexter: Non-Traditional Dater

Aaron Flenerover 8 years


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chandlerquincypon Good evening and a happy Friday night to all of you KSR readers.   Dating is an ever evolving process that technology has had an enormous impact on. The way myself, a 30 year old guy, gets to know ladies is totally different than the way people my parents age got to know one another. To add to this point, the way 20 year olds communicate now is totally different than when I was 20. I remember having an answerng machine in my dorm room. 20 year olds now probably don't know what I mean when I say "answering machine." My first cell phone had 40 minutes PER MONTH on it, and was to be used for emergency's only. While it's absurd to think about having 40 minutes on a cell phone per month, it is even more absurd to think about how I used to define "emergency."   Now days, human beings rarely communicate through actual talking. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. We text, facebook, tweet, spotify, email, and instagram things to communicate with our friends and those we are attracted to. You've done it, your friends have done it, and you've probably even seen people your parents age attempt to do it.  You know who else does it? NBA players do it.   Case in point: Quincy Pondexter's season with the Memphis Grizzlies recently ended. The Grizzlies "no cuffing" rules don't apply in the offseason, so Quincy decides he wants to find himself a nice young lady this summer. Very understandable. He's a young, single guy. I don't know anyone who would begrudge him of trying to obtain the company of a lady friend. Does he call a friend for help? No. Does he go out and try to meet someone? No. What does he do? He takes to Twitter to find out who Miss Tennessee is and if she is single. (You've got to hand it to him for starting at the top and working his way down.) Technology has changed the dating game so much that Quincy Pondexter can send a tweet about Miss Tennessee, Chandler Lawson, (someone he has never met) and within 3 hours have her respond to him about her relationship status.  For those of you reading this on a phone or for those of you who can read what was said between the two, I'll transcribe roughly what was said between Quincy and Miss Tennessee and give my take. I'll leave out the extra stuff said by others. quincy Quincy: Who won Miss Tennessee this year? My take: Very strong opener. Direct and to the point. Doesn't waste any words. Miss Tennessee:  hi! Heard you were looking for me? #gogrizz My take: Not a great answer. But not terrible. She doesn't directly answer the question or clarify that she won Miss Tennessee, but if you look at her twitter handle "@MissTN2012"  and you aren't stupid you can figure it out. Great use of the exclamation point to relay her excitement. Equally good use of "#gogrizz" to indicate that she knows who Quincy is. Quincy: Yup!! Single? Lol My take: Again, very direct. Quincy is a man of few words. He has realized something that many man have not. The less words you say, the lower the chance you will say something stupid. He answers her question with enthusiasm to infer interest, then asks her the only question he really cares about. He ends the tweet with an "Lol", which really mean "this is all a joke in case you aren't single, but if you are single then let's talk." Miss Tennessee: Yes, totally single! My take: Great answer by Miss Tennessee here. She not only answers the question, she also leaves no doubt by adding the word "totally." She also doesn't say too much, leaving the ball in Quincy's court to see what he will do with it. Quincy's livelihood depends on what he does with a ball on the court, so he responds like this... Quincy: Oh totally single? Ditto... Date? Lol My take: Quincy's use of "oh totally single?" here will look like a question to most, but he is not asking a question. She's already answered the question.  He is complimenting her. "Oh" infers his surprise that she is single despite her good looks. He then uses two total words to ask her on a date. While most people would say "I'm also single, would you like to go on a date with me?", Quincy says "Ditto... Date?"  He is a word conservationist. Once again he ends with "Lol" to say "I'm just kidding if you're just kidding, but if you're not kidding then I'm not kidding. I would totally like to go on a date with you." Heady stuff. *I need to make note that at this point in the proceedings other people are joining in on their conversation, as is often the case on twitter. Their conversation has an audience, so to speak. Here is how it ends (as far as the public knows.) Miss Tennessee: you got it! We've got an audience waiting apparently! My take: Quincy Pondexter may or may not have just procured a date from Miss Tennessee on twitter. God bless the internet.   @AFlenerKSR

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