Randall Cobb Named a Bounce-Back Guy in the NFL
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Randall Cobb Named a Bounce-Back Guy in the NFL

Bobby Reaganover 5 years


Article written by:Bobby ReaganBobby Reagan
[caption id="attachment_190300" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Charles Rexarbogast | AP Charles Rexarbogast | AP[/caption] Let's all take a step back from the Marques Bolden talk for a second to have a chat about one of our favorites here at KSR and Kentucky in general. None other than Randall Cobb, who was just named one of the guys most likely to have a bounce-back year in the NFL. Jason La Confora of CBS Sports took a look at six guys that should return to their normal selves this year in the NFL. Andrew Luck, of course, was the first name mentioned, but not far behind him was Cobb. La Confora said the following: A lot of this depends on how Jordy Nelson responds from his return from an injury that wiped out his 2015 season. But I wouldn't bet against Nelson coming back and being a beast again, and if 2015 showed anything it's that Cobb is much better at being the ultimate complementary guy and not the go-to target. Having Nelson back on the outside will open up so much for Cobb. While his role may lessen it says here his actual production will greatly increase. This kid knows his role when he is able to operate within that comfort zone and there are many reasons to believe the Packers will be more robust and well-rounded on offense next season. As much as I don't want the Packers - or any other NFC team not named the Giants -  to succeed here's to hoping Cobb is a top-5 receiver in the league and healthy this year.

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