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Random thoughts from the dental chair

by:Duncan Cavanah12/09/05

As I sat back in that always comfortable dental chair on Tuesday, watching shards of tooth shrapnel fly from my mouth as my friendly neighborhood dentist jack hammered my back molars, I had a strange sensation of deja vu. I had never had a tooth drilled nor been tortured in a secret governement prison, so I could not initially figure out why the sensation felt so familiar. Then, I finally figured it out. It was the exact same combination of sharp pain and dull dread that I have felt while watching every offensive possession that the basketball Cats have had in November and December. My dental issues were solved that day with a little filling and a promise to floss in the future. If only Kentucky’s offensive woes had such a quick fix.

I hate ESPNU. I remember when Kentucky fans could actually tune in on regular tv and watch the games. To quote a great American film, “those were the salad days.”

I think it is highly possible that the Georgia State game will be a huge boost to the Cats. Shagari had a breakout performance. (Not the 16 points, but the 6 rebounds.) Joe Crawford looked like the terror from the wing that we expected out of high school, and Ramel Bradley and Brandon Stockton filled in admirably for an ailing Rondo. At least I think that is what happened. I don’t get ESPNU. It is entirely possible that this game never actually took place. As a matter of fact, given the Shagari six rebound thing, I have my doubts.

Has anyone ever seen John Thompson and the Temple Owl logo at the same time? For that matter, has anyone seen coach K and the Duke logo at the same time? I believe that having coaches who look like your team’s mascot is the wave of the future. If Tubby ever leaves, we need to find someone who looks just like a wildcat. Any ideas?

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