Rapid Reaction from Kentucky's Open Practice

by:Nick Roush08/21/18


The Kentucky football team opened its doors for half of a practice to the media as Mark Stoops’ squad winds down training camp. Below you’ll find my running notes from the roughly one-hour practice.


  • Terry is first to take snaps in the Hurry-Up vs. air period (GASP!).
  • Terry was the first to run with the ones in the team period we were permitted to see too. He is not afraid to go North-South in RPOs and is quick to get the ball out of his hands on the pass. When he’s in the game, expect to see A LOT of RPOs.
  • Don’t underestimate Danny Clark’s wheels. The big kid can move.
  • Hoak continues to be money on short routes, easily finding Baker on the hitch.

Running Backs

  • Benny Snell is still really good, but a lot shiftier behind his blockers.
  • Last year many people asked, “Where’s AJ Rose?” I doubt that will be the case this year.
  • Pretty disappointed that I didn’t get more looks at the freshmen.

Offensive Line

  • No EJ Price at practice today. Stoops said he’s been dealing with a lingering hand issue.
  • Drake Jackson moves so damn well. He can sit in what is essentially a complete squat and move faster than I can sprint. It absolutely blows my mind.
  • Drake just gave McCall a freshman moment. Poor guy.
  • It’s not fair when Big George is blocking freshmen. Just give them a white towel.
  • A pulling Bunchy gave us the best pop of the practice and it came at Josh Allen’s expense. It was loud enough to incite an involuntary audible response.
  • Darrian Kinnard, an All-American freshman tackle, got some action in with the second team at guard. Interesting.

Pass Catchers

  • Bowden and Bouvier had a pair of impressive sideline grabs, while Ali and Zy’Aire Hughes were fun to watch stretch the field in stride vs. air.
  • Rigg is going to play A LOT helping lead the way for Benny. A reach block is the most difficult task for a tight end and he’s got it down pat.
  • I wondered who would win out in the battle of sophomores between Epps and Ali. As of today, it appears that Ali has a slight advantage.

Defensive Line

  • Bo Knows (how to punch and swim). (In case you don’t know Bo, that’s Quinton Bohanna, the UK nose guard that Vince Marrow raved about on KSR.)
  • DuBose has never been in better shape. His initial punch isn’t as powerful as the other nose guards, but he’s incredibly agile inside.
  • Davoan Hawkins, a true freshman, stood up Bunchy Stallings, a three-year starter. A stalemate is as good as a win for the defense.
  • Entering today, I wondered if Hawkins was good enough to play. We haven’t yet entered the team period, but I think he’s got it.
  • DuBose was moving around quite a bit. He’s listed at nose but also got some run in with the ones alongside Bohanna and Middleton.


  • Jesus Christ DeAndre is explosive. I feel sorry for the poor running backs who have to pass protect against that blitz.
  • Chris Oats is running with the 3s At Mike. The second group behind Kash and Jordan Jones featured Jamin Davis at the Mike and Square at the Will.
  • Jones is still an absolute hell-raiser when he blitzes. He made the defense’s best play of the day by blowing up Benny in the backfield.


  • Mike Edwards ain’t the type of dude to fall for an RPO fake.
  • I forgot we only got an hour to watch, and didn’t allot enough time to check out the secondary. My bad y’all. 


  • Butler banged one from 40 in a hurry up, end-of-game scenario. Poore’s from 43 yards was wide left.
  • It’s fun to watch the Aussie roll it to the corner instead of just booming it like a traditional coffin corner, although Duffy has quite the boomstick.
  • I would love to see Edwards in the return game, although I doubt they’ll let him do it.


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