Really, Pat Forde?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


Pat Forde loves the Olympics. Like LOVES the Olympics, at this point may offer to have its five-ringed babies. And that's fine. If someone paid me to go to London and cover them, I'd love them that much too. Over the past two weeks, Forde has done a great job covering all of the main storylines: Phelps vs. Lochte, Usain Bolt, Gabby Douglas' hair, etc. etc. But, what's the most interesting thing Forde has seen so far? Really? That's the most interesting sight in London? A man wearing a Team USA sweat suit? You obviously need to get out more. The larger question must be if Wes is wearing a Team USA sweat suit, then obviously he and Coach K have some evil partnership, right? I mean, that's where you were going with this, weren't you Pat? No? Oh, okay, that's just Cal? Hmm.

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