Recalling Yesteryear

Recalling Yesteryear

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cast_pic_otis.gif I'm not sure about you, but I've had enough Billy Donovan to choke a dog. Having said that most eloquently, I have decided to do a "clip post". If you don't know what this is (and, seeing as how I only created the phrase in the last sentence, I doubt you do) then I would suggest thinking to the often used device found in sitcoms and known as "the clip show". This is when you have a episode where the characters "fondly remember" the wacky situations they've encountered together at the expense of filming an actual episode 22 minutes long. No, they only have to film for about 7 minutes and the rest is the pre-used material. Accordingly, I have decided to provide links for two of my favorite posts in the short-lived history of this blog. My ulterior motive is to demonstrate to those who constantly deride posts that don't involve Jai Lucas, Patrick Patterson, Billy Gillispie's gardener, Bill Keightley's masseuse, or Cliff Hawkins' asthma that this has always been a sportsblog with a smattering of non-UK related items that some people find humorous. You don't have to pay extra and you don't have to read them if you don't want to (don't end sentences with prepositions). If this isn't your cup of grape Propel, then that's OK--just move along to the next post. But it is a little insulting when some people find it necessary to tell those that contribute to this blog (most especially Matthew Jones) what this blog is supposed to be about. Please remember that this blog has been around for a while and that prior to things "heating up" and the site becoming more popular that mayonaisse, a large portion of it was basically about a dozen of us posting in an effort to make each other laugh. That died down as the Billy G., Jai Lucas, and Patrick Patterson decisions drew near, but that philsophy has always been behind most of what is reported on this site. Fine, the studio paid for 7 minutes, but got 22. Anyway, here are two of my favorites (NEITHER ARE UK BASKETBALL RELATED) from the "early years" of KSR. You'll notice that during this time the regular posters were: 1. Mosley (of course I'm putting myself first) 2. Matt 3. Turkey Hunter 4. Hubby 5. Rob 6. Intern 7. Macon_Volfan 8. Payne 9. Duncan Cavanaugh 10. Mike Jones 11. T. Walters 12. Sexual Ninja Thar they be, enjoy, or don't. Either way.

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