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Reid Travis and John Calipari really did discuss the Supreme Court

John Calipari has been known to exaggerate things from time to time, but today, we found out that one of his tall tales is actually true. On KSR this morning, Reid Travis confirmed that he and Calipari often discussed the Supreme Court, mostly after team meetings when the team was on the road.

“I’d say at least five times, to be honest,” Reid said of how often the two discussed the Supreme Court. “He keeps CNN on in his hotel room a lot, and we always go up there to have our team meetings the night before games and I’ll always be the last one lurking around. If it’s on, he’ll ask me what I think and that’s when we’ll discuss it. We’ll have a little talk about it. It happens more than people would think. It definitely wasn’t just something he was saying.”

Reid has a tradition with another Calipari. He and Brad both love coffee, so when the Cats were on the road, they would go on a hunt for the best brew (something tells me it wasn’t Dunkin’).

Supreme Court discussions, coffee breaks…Reid Travis might be the most mature 23-year-old on Earth.


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