Relive the win over South Carolina in .GIFs

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boomgif Saturday's game at Commonwealth Stadium was a fun one and it came at a time when fun was needed to be had. The Cats got the job done against South Carolina for a third consecutive year, led by an energetic and inspired Kentucky defense and a run-heavy offense under Stephen Johnson's command. The Cats are now 2-0 on the season with two straight dubs and there's newfound optimism in the Bluegrass, if only for a little bit. Let's relive that past game tonight with a string of .GIFs replaying some of the finer moments, before we get down to what needs to be done to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Wins aren't easy to come by around here, so let's milk them for all their worth when we get 'em.


Boom Williams blew a kiss to the fans watching at home after he scored the go-ahead touchdown early in the second half. He took the ball 43 yards for the score and the Kentucky lead. sc-gif-2   Mark Stoops was fired up after big third-down stop by the Kentucky defense. sc-gif-3   Nick Haynes tried to toss two Gamecocks out of the stadium like they were a couple of freshmen trying to sneak into Two Keys: sc-gif-4   Benny Snell Jr. brought the Gatorade juice to the Grove Street Party: sc-gif-6   It's a party, it's party, it's a party. sc-gif-12   Yeaaaahhhhh it's a party, it's a party, it's a party. sc-gif-13   It's fall, so the SEC Network called a quick timeout to preview Kentucky basketball. sc-gif-7   Stephen Johnson made the play of the game with his legs on a third-and-seven that picked up the first down and paved the way for Snell's game-winning touchdown. sc-gif-8   The first to greet Snell after his game-winning score? Boom Williams. Smash and Dash. sc-gif-11   On second thought, this was the play of the game. Did he really think he could hurdle the tallest player in the secondary? sec-gif-5   Mark Stoops celebrated the game-clinching first down with a fist pump. sc-gif-10   This guy celebrated the game-clinching first down by not remembering it the next day. sc-gif-14   The Wildcats' hopes of a bowl (and an SEC East crown) are still alive! High-fives for everyone!   sc-gif-9   Now let's get out there and beat Alabama on Saturday!

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